Sharon Isadora
Analytical and purpose-driven graphic designer for branding, print and digital work.


Design, illustration,

& a whole lot of fun.

Sharon & Ryan - 139.jpg

My name is Sharon Isadora Ha.

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles.

In other, somewhat cliche, words, I make things pretty.

But to me, it’s a lot more complicated than just “making things pretty.” I help clients achieve their vision while keeping their business goals top of mind. With nearly a decade of experience working with notable clients in digital media and integrated marketing, my design work is backed by an extensive understanding of marketing strategy and media. Combining my strong strategy background, eye for design, illustrative skills and an almost obsessive attention to detail: my design style is personal, thoughtful and deliberate all at once.

When not immersed in my work, I spend my free time illustrating and painting. And if I’m not doing that, I’m most likely eating noodles (all the noodles), ogling at all things fashion, daydreaming of what country my husband and I will visit next, nerding out about fitness, dancing (or flailing) to hip hop, and cuddling with our dog.

View my resume here.